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Time Consuming Promotion

L. M. Rapp in her studio with her dog
Before the opening (Photo Yael Lichtenstein)

A few weeks ago, we organized an open house with other artists. It was an opportunity to show the fruits of our labor and to meet some potential readers and art lovers. The relaxed and warm atmosphere that reigned there encourages us to consider a recurrence.

I have been very busy with promotion lately. Putting a novel on Amazon without prior preparation is like shelving it in a dark and dusty basement. So I decided to postpone the release of the second one, “Of Flesh and Tears,” for a few months. Publishing without the help of a publisher requires learning, labor and patience. We all dream of the support of a competent team, able to free us from our trivial problems. However, this thankless work feeds and balances the artistic activity without us realizing it. At least, I hope so.

L. M. Rapp

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