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NFT, the gift of the future!

Line painting of a gargoyle, peinture de gargoyle
I chose Forg, of the gargoyle people, to illustrate the story.

The marketing company asked me if I would agree to give prizes for influencers to reward contests. Sure ! If it can help publicize my book

Here is the kind of gift they gave me as an example: a signed copy, a sticker and a chocolate bar. We tried to come up with a more modern idea than the sticker. My husband came up wiht the NFT idea. For more precise explanations on NFT, non-fungible token, click on this link. You just need to know that the NFT makes it possible to make a unique digital file and, then, for an artist, to sell it as if it were a physical work. It's new and much more attractive than a sticker. At least, I think so. The marketing company has yet to comment.

This gift presents an additional advantage: it does not require postal parcels. Especially if I drop the idea of ​​the dedication and ship the book through Amazon. The prospect of preparing fifty parcels sort of rebuked me. It's really too twentieth century, isn't it?

Don't think I balk at the effort. Understanding how to create an NFT and how to send it took many hours of work. For sure, it was a more fun process than writing addresses on cardboard boxes…

I'm waiting to see how the influencers will proceed and, who knows, maybe I'll also organize a contest.

Who wants to win a book and an NFT?

See you soon,

L.M. Rapp

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