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Dreadful Beauty

Nymphosis, a disease that turns humans into Chimeras, is ravaging the land of Gashom. 

The More-Than-Pure, determined to protect themselves, have seized power and enacted segregationist laws. 

Neria, the daughter of a high dignitary, witnesses more and more of the Chimeras being ruthlessly executed.

When she learns she is afflicted by the very disease her father is determined to eradicate, she’s forced to surrender her privileges. She flees the capital amid her terrifying transformation and traverses the strange wilds to seek refuge with others like her.


But she knows what’s happening isn’t right.


Find out how Neria develops the courage to fight oppression in this inspiring and elegantly written fantasy novel that pushes all to look deeper. 


“She felt the urge to get out of the car, to set off on foot in the middle of the woods and, protected by the benevolent foliage, to sink into one of these primary forests, so extensive and dense that one could disappear there. A beast among the others…”

a Story

L.M. Rapp has lived in a few countries and practiced several professions: dentist, web developer, artist, Aikido teacher, gardener.  Eager to learn and discover, she uses her experiences to enrich her stories.  She has published her first fantasy novel “A dreadful beauty” and is currently preparing the publication of her second book “Of Flesh and Tears”.

My Books

A dreadful beauty

Of flesh and tears

Les cœurs étrangers


We are quickly immersed in this epic where the characters are contrasting and endearing. Lots of twists, scary and magical creatures, not to mention the psychological angle of the story, all of this keeps you in suspense. A beautiful heroic fantasy novel to discover absolutely!




O miracle!

The banana tree produced a bunch of tiny, but delicious fruits.

The pink pomelos are coming to maturity.

For various reasons, I decided to postpone the publication date of my second book "Flesh and Tears", this time to March 2023.

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