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Best-seller in the United States!

Screenshot Dreadful Beauty bestseller on Amazon
Number one!

Thanks to a clever promotional campaign, “A Dreadful Beauty” became a best-seller for a few days on Amazon’s website. What an incredible feeling when the numbers started to climb! I was at a restaurant with my family, checking my phone every five minutes with, in the background, the exhortations of one of my daughters urging me to post on Instagram. In the face of my blatant inability to do so, she finally grabbed it and posted for me.

The moment of euphoria faded, and the time of the assessments arrived.

I’ve learned the hard way the value of evaluations. This exercise has always seemed difficult to me. How do you describe the protagonists, the plot and the style without giving too much away? How do you find the right words to express your feelings without hurting the author or misleading potential buyers? And then, how will I sit in front of the computer, when I’ve just spent several hours trying to write a novel and my buttocks (sorry for this untimely confession) are begging me to leave my chair?

I know I can’t please everyone, but when someone gives (to the French version) a measly two stars, I’d like to understand their reasons. Until now, I’ve been acting like this mute person, and I promise that starting tomorrow, I’ll accompany my stars with a few words of explanation.

If you’ve finished my book, be sure to post an honest review. No hard feelings. And while waiting for the next book to come out, you can find my short stories’ collection on the site.

Feel free to post your best book reviews in comments, from the positive to the cruel ones.

Thanks to all of you for your support!

L.M. Rapp

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