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The English version is available!

Book’s title design, Dreadful Beauty
Beautifully designed title by Noa Mergi

A long, exciting and very moving process has just reached its ultimate goal. What a singular revelation to see one’s ideas and sentences expressed by another in a foreign language! The same story, but different and exotic, transfigured by the talent of the translator, Luke Owain Bolt.

Now that “Dreadful Beauty”—we changed the name, because “Appalling Beauty” turned out to be a typographical headache—is published on Amazon, all that remains to accomplish is to spread the word. Imagine for a moment one of those yesterday shops, a building where thousands of books are piled up, a temple dedicated to reading and conducive to discovery and strolling… Well, my book is in the cellar. For it to come out on the shelves, you, who like my stories, head for its page and leave a comment. The three first chapters are available here.

For inspiration, here are some selected examples, translated from French:

“I recommend that novel to those who love fantasy. The imaginary world and its mythical beings will transport you and make you forget the hassle of everyday life for a few hours. You’re definitely going to have a great time. So don’t wait any longer!” Melissa et ses livres

“We are quickly immersed in this epic where the characters are contrasting and endearing. Lots of twists, scary and magical creatures, not to mention the psychological angle of the story, all of this keeps you in suspense. A beautiful Heroic Fantasy novel to discover absolutely!” An Amazon customer

“I loved reading this novel! I waited impatiently for it and I immediately hooked with the author’s universe. I wasn’t disappointed!” Ma grande lectrice

Thank you very much for your help and support. It means a lot to me.

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