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My Method for Writing Almost Every Day

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Follow your passions

I discovered the best advice against procrastination in a tidying book. I would have told you its title if I had managed to find it. I know… You think my house must be in a bad state. Well, you’re wrong. It looks pretty good. But we’re digressing from the subject…

Here is the crucial recommendation that this book taught me. I quote it from memory.

We don’t tidy for the pleasure of tidying, but to create the conditions for an ideal life. Start your day with the activity that is most important to you.

I try to write early in the morning, when the mind, still influenced by dreams, soars without fear on the winding paths of storytelling. When the allotted time is over, I can turn, with a clear conscience, to more trivial tasks.

Sometimes I set my alarm clock at five AM to ensure, in monastic tranquility, the first of the precious hours necessary for a reassuring progression. Too often, I get lost in menial chores and find myself in the late afternoon wishing the days to become 36 hours long.

Put your pen to the paper or your fingers to the keyboard and start moving. Write anything. Once the process has begun, it will be easier to continue.

Another piece of advice—not taken from the book—but just as important. Whatever your activity, award yourself a day off each week.

I wish you victories over procrastination. It’s an ongoing battle. Don’t hesitate to tell me about your difficulties and your successes.

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