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Dreadful Beauty

Nymphosis, a disease that turns humans into Chimeras, is ravaging the land of Goshan. The Plus-Than-Purs, determined to protect themselves from it, seized power and enacted segregationist laws. Daughter of a high dignitary, the young Néria learns that she is suffering from the disease that her father is trying to eradicate. Forced to renounce her privileges, she must flee the capital and cross a strange nature to take refuge with her fellows. Will she have the courage to fight oppression to emancipate the Chimeras from the yoke of the More-Than-Pure?

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Of Flesh and Tears

Following a painful divorce and a stint in a psychiatric hospital, Claire leaves Paris to take over the family farm. With neither support nor experience, she quickly realizes that her fresh start won’t be as easy as she’d anticipated.


She searches for meager comfort in Lucien, a vegan activist, who entrusts her with chickens seized from a research center for her to hide. He even persuades her to participate in his militant group’s radical and dangerous activities. Claire's already fragile equilibrium is thrown into turmoil by the aggression of man and of beast.

This book will be released in a few months with a brand new cover.

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